Stephanie Kalinowski Quoted in Canadian HR Reporter Article

Stephanie Kalinowski Quoted in Canadian HR Reporter Article

Canadian HR Reporter quoted Hicks Morley’s Stephanie Kalinowski in an article titled, “What will longer EI sickness benefits mean for employers?”

As of December 18, new claims for employment insurance (EI) sickness benefits will be available for 26 weeks—up from the previous 15 weeks.

A typical short-term disability plan is offered for 26 weeks or 180 days, and then at that point, the person is eligible to apply for long-term disability, says Stephanie Kalinowski, pension and benefits lawyer at Hicks Morley in Toronto.

“Before, if an employee who isn’t covered by an STD program becomes ill, they could apply for employment insurance, which was 15 weeks plus the waiting period. And so now, with EI increasing—and then for federally regulated employees at any rate, the leave is also increasing to match that—it means that they can obviously be on EI and have some income protection for a longer period of time, so covering more serious illnesses or injuries.”

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