Nursing Care Facilities

The nursing care sector continues to face increasing regulatory requirements for both private- and publicly-funded operators. Not only do nursing care facility operators need to conduct regular risk assessments, they must also proactively manage issues related to workplace safety, accommodation, employment standards and protecting resident privacy.

Complying with the changing and extensive regulatory regimes, while maintaining a high level of service delivery and resident care, requires effective human resources management.

Whether you operate a not-for-profit, for-profit or municipally-funded facility, we understand your issues through our extensive experience in this sector and can help tackle the challenges you face.


Our clients in this sector operate:

  • Homes for the aged
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Inpatient care hospices
  • Group homes for the disabled with nursing care
  • Long-term care facilities


In addition to ensuring appropriate human resources practices and procedures are in place so that all standards of regulatory compliance can be achieved, we provide advice and representation on issues relating to:

  • health service integrations
  • human rights, including drug testing and providing leadership training on accommodation issues and workplace investigations
  • occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation claims and appeals
  • labour relations, including collective bargaining negotiations, collective agreement interpretation, interest and rights arbitrations and responding to applications for certification
  • dispute resolution and crisis management advice to minimize labour disruption, when it occurs
  • litigation including class actions, wrongful dismissal claims, and pension and benefits disputes
  • privacy, including the use of social media by employees, use of video surveillance and biometric scanning, use of data mining and analytics for security purposes, access to medical files

We also conduct positive employee relations training in the face of union organizing.