Speaking Engagement

Canadian Association of Law Librarians (CALL) 2020 Conference: “Building a Legal Matter Specification Standard”

Event Details

May 25, 2020
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

Hamilton Convention Centre
1 Summers Ln, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y2
Hamilton, ON

In 2018, The Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance developed a code set to be used for describing US legal matters in a party-neutral, extensible manner. Since then there have been revisions and efforts to expand the code set to other countries. The Canadian SALI working group will present its work in drafting a Canadian version of the Standard. The Standard is a two-tiered classification scheme for identifying the general nature of a legal matter.

Having a common framework for describing legal matters is beneficial to law firms, vendors and publishers. The code set creates a common language that will aid in knowledge management, information categorization, data analytics, firm management and pricing efforts. Librarians and knowledge managers can use the taxonomy to tie documents and research materials to the organization’s larger information systems.