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Twice successfully defended grievances on behalf of universities whose unions challenged the outsourcing of e-mail systems to the cloud.

Represented a number of school boards in a judicial review before the Divisional Court relating to obtaining employee information held at another government institution in order to pursue litigation in the U.S.

Successfully brought a motion for summary judgement and obtained judgment in an action against a former employee who committed fraud against a college.

Successfully represented a University defending discipline of a faculty member for discriminatory conduct against allegations of a breach of academic freedom rights.

On behalf of Universities, successfully defended various Human Rights Tribunal applications from students, staff and senior faculty claiming discrimination on various grounds of discrimination, including race, gender, creed and psychological disability.

Successfully defended a school board against a human rights application alleging discrimination in the provision of special education to students.

On behalf of universities, successfully defended wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal claims by senior administration alleging harassment and systemic discrimination.

Successfully represented an education institution client on multiple complaints before the Ministry of Labour.

Currently representing a regulated professional in responding to a complaint filed with the professional’s regulatory college.

Successfully defended a school board client in a WSIAT appeal involving entitlement to benefits for mild traumatic brain injury.