Conference / Seminar

Through plenary sessions, our popular “whirlwind tour” and a number of smaller workshops, our Conference will cover a wide variety of labour and education law topics relevant to Human Resources Practitioners, Directors of Education, Supervisory Officers and Trustees.


This workshop focuses on essential investigation skills required by HR Professionals who are charged with investigating workplace incidents including: workplace harassment and violence complaints, discrimination and harassment complaints under the Human Rights Code, employee misconduct, such as suspected sick leave abuse or time theft, health and safety complaints.

Conference / Seminar

Join us at our 2019 Healthcare Conference which will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to human resources professionals within hospitals, long-term care facilities and other healthcare providers.

Speaking Engagement

In this session, you will get a practical overview of the most pressing labour and employment issues confronting Ontario’s municipal employers. This review will include an overview of the most significant human rights and civil court cases impacting municipal employers and an assessment of recent or proposed statutory changes that municipal leaders need to know about.

Conference / Seminar

Back by popular demand – our Professionalism Smorgasbord roundtable on legal ethics. The session is accredited for 1 hour of professionalism CPD and 30 minutes of EDI Professionalism CPD.