Since January 2018, workers have been entitled to WSIB benefits for chronic mental stress where the chronic mental stress is caused by a substantial work-related stressor such as workplace harassment and other criteria are satisfied. This Advantage CPD session will provide employers with a practical update on how this policy is being applied by the WSIB at each stage of claim adjudication, and how these WSIB claims may impact proceedings in other forums.

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Overview Essential Services Agreement Update – Lessons Learned WSIB Update – What Stresses Do You Need to Worry About? Human Rights – “Riding as the 3rd Paramedic” and Managing Gender Accommodation Issues Dealing with Intoxicants in the Workplace Bill 148 ESA Update – Are You Complaining or Not? Sexual Harassment and the #MeToo Movement EMS…

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In this session, you will get a practical overview of the most pressing labour and employment issues confronting Ontario’s municipal employers. This review will include an overview of the most significant human rights and civil court cases impacting municipal employers and an assessment of recent or proposed statutory changes that municipal leaders need to know about.

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Overview The Human Resources field is in constant change. The challenge for all Human Resource Professionals is to keep pace with the emerging knowledge and techniques in order to support the management team with accurate and timely information. Hicks Morley has partnered with the Brockville & District HRPA Chapter of the Human Resource Professional Association…

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Back by popular demand – our Professionalism Smorgasbord roundtable on legal ethics. The session is accredited for 1 hour of professionalism CPD and 30 minutes of EDI Professionalism CPD.


Your new hire is alleging that she was sexually harassed by the VP Sales Canada at an industry event – and before you can investigate, the incident goes viral. You know how to run an investigation, but how will you manage everything else about the incident? And what happens when things go off the rails?

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Overview Legal rights and responsibilities in mental health law are numerous and complex. When the issues relate to children and youth, they become increasingly challenging. Different approaches to the delivery of mental health services to children/youth persist, as do challenges around the most appropriate advocacy supports and approaches for assessing and managing risks of violence….