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Successfully brought a motion for summary judgement and obtained judgment in an action against a former employee who committed fraud against a college.

Currently representing a regulated professional in responding to a complaint filed with the professional’s regulatory college.

Successfully defended a post-secondary institution against a complaint by a former student that his failure to successfully complete his academic program was due to discrimination and harassment by a faculty member; this case also clarified the legal requirements with respect to family status accommodation.

Successfully argued to have a human rights complaint dismissed against a College due to the applicant’s disrespectful and inappropriate conduct.

Successfully argued that previously declared vexatious litigant had no grounds to bring an action against a college and other proposed defendants as such an action would be an abuse of process and an attempt to relitigate closed matters, and there were no reasonable grounds for the action.

Successfully represented a college before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario with respect to its recruitment practices.

Successfully represented a college in defending a job competition grievance.

Obtained a preliminary dismissal of a grievance on the grounds that the grievor’s alleged religious observances did not attract the protections of the Human Rights Code.

Successfully defended a college in a claim brought by a former student alleging discrimination on the basis of disability.

Argued successfully on behalf of a college for the dismissal of an application for judicial review of a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision.