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Currently representing several school board clients in responding to both employment and service-based HRTO applications.

Successfully defended a school board against a human rights application alleging discrimination in the provision of special education to students.

Successfully defended a school board client in a WSIAT appeal involving entitlement to benefits for mild traumatic brain injury.

Successfully argued, on behalf of a school board, before the WSIAT that a worker’s appeal for ongoing entitlement to benefits should be dismissed on the basis that the worker had recovered from her work-related injury and that any ongoing symptoms were not related to the workplace.

Successfully represented a school board against an allegation of failure to accommodate where the Board ultimately terminated a teacher where she claimed to be totally disabled and previous efforts at accommodation proved unsuccessful.

Successfully represented school board in a labour arbitration involving the interpretation of allowances payable under the collective agreement.

Represented clients in the education sector at interest arbitration with ETFO and OSSTF.

Successfully defended a school board in a human rights application brought by a former student.

Counsel to Ontario’s largest school board association in the transition to provincial collective bargaining.

Resolved human rights complaints by employees and parents against school boards.