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Successful overturned initial entitlement in a strain and hernia case based on an expert medical opinion that the worker’s injury was actually a complication of recent surgery.

Successfully overturned loss of earnings benefits following the termination of a worker for misrepresentations on his employment application.

Successfully resisted appeals seeking entitlement for CPD and psychotraumatic disability in a medically complex case.

Successfully defended preliminary motion to exclude evidence in a termination case for a telecommunications industry employer.

Successfully represented a recruitment solutions company at trial in defending an action for wrongful dismissal.

Currently representing several clients in defending civil actions relating to the termination of employees.

Currently representing several clients in responding to HRTO applications commenced by former employees.

Currently representing a client in responding to a CHRC application commenced by a former employee.

Assisted with the successful resolution of a labour arbitration on behalf of a client.

Currently representing a regulated professional in responding to a complaint filed with the professional’s regulatory college.