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Successfully represented a school board in having an employee’s human rights complaint for discrimination based on race and related grounds dismissed in its entirety after a full hearing.

Currently representing several school board clients in responding to both employment and service-based HRTO applications.

Successfully represented a public health unit on the judicial review (and later motion for leave to appeal) of a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’s decision to dismiss an application regarding discrimination on the basis of several protected grounds, including race.

Successfully represented an employer before the Divisional Court on an appeal involving issues of frustration of contract and the duty to accommodate.

Successfully resisted appeals seeking entitlement for CPD and psychotraumatic disability in a medically complex case.

Successfully represented a university defending discipline of a faculty member for discriminatory conduct against allegations of a breach of academic freedom rights.

Counsel to the Respondent in the leading family status accommodation case in Ontario.

On behalf of universities, successfully defended various Human Rights Tribunal applications from students, staff and senior faculty claiming discrimination on various grounds of discrimination including race, gender, creed and psychological disability.

Successfully defended a school board against a human rights application alleging discrimination in the provision of special education to students.

On behalf of universities, successfully defended wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal claims by senior administration alleging harassment and systemic discrimination.