23 Results

On behalf of a financial institution, defeated a judicial review application of a Canadian Human Rights Commission decision in Federal Court.

Successfully represented a financial institution in the Federal Court of Appeal in a judicial review application relating to human rights and Canada Labour Code issues.

Successfully represented a school board at the Divisional Court with respect to a motion seeking leave to intervene in a judicial review application.

Successfully represented a university at a judicial review application at the Divisional Court where an arbitration award upholding the dismissal of a professor was challenged.

Successfully upheld the decision of a large public sector employer to dismiss an employee with more than 20 years service for cause based on negligent performance of duties.  Successfully upheld arbitrator’s decision on judicial review (leave to Court of Appeal denied).

Successfully defended against human rights-based allegations, including allegations of systemic discrimination, concerning a large national employer’s hiring practices.  Successfully had decision upheld on judicial review, at both superior court and appellate court levels (leave to Supreme Court of Canada denied).

Obtained the dismissal of an application for judicial review of a Human Rights Commission decision involving allegations of wage discrimination leveled against a public agency.

Successfully represented a construction company in a judicial review application of a labour board decision limiting damages assessed for employment standards breaches.

Successfully represented a hospital in a judicial review application related to interpretation of a collective agreement.

Successfully represented an employer in the telecommunications industry in a judicial review application challenging a labour board decision on constitutional grounds.