Transportation & Warehousing

To maintain their competitiveness, companies in this sector must continually develop and adopt new technologies through changes to business operations and development of new skills sets. This places increased emphasis on recruitment, retention, training and appropriate compensation practices.

The adoption of trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) can quickly alter the competitive landscape, requiring companies to adapt to maximize new opportunities or to meet new competitive challenges.

Hicks Morley plays an active role in helping companies across this sector manage a range of human resources issues. While individual businesses vary greatly, many face common challenges and we are here to help.


Our clients in this industry include:

  • automotive assemblers
  • automotive and trucking parts manufacturers
  • trucking, moving and courier companies
  • aviation, railway and bus companies
  • warehousing operations
  • logistics providers
  • supply chain management companies


We offer a breadth of services to our clients in this sector, including:

  • assisting in the management of workplace change and implementation of innovative solutions, such as restructuring hours of work, consolidating operations, amending pension, benefits and executive compensation plan arrangements
  • advising and representing on labour relations issues including organizing, certification efforts and collective bargaining
  • where employers are establishing new facilities, assisting in the early planning and implementation of workplace structures to ensure regulatory compliance in key human resources areas such as employment standards, workplace safety and insurance, occupational health and safety, and pension and benefits
  • proactively assisting with all aspects of employment law, human rights, pay equity, workplace safety and insurance, and health and safety
  • advising on the workplace impact of new legislation such as health and safety and pension legislation
  • providing risk assessment and compliance advice
  • appearing at arbitrations, before administrative tribunals and before all levels of court