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Advised Universities regarding strategic options after adverse findings by Labour Board regarding conduct in bargaining with faculty.

Successfully argued, on behalf of a school board, before the WSIAT that a worker’s appeal for ongoing entitlement to benefits should be dismissed on the basis that the worker had recovered from her work-related injury and that any ongoing symptoms were not related to the workplace.

Counsel to University Board at arbitration involving the intersection of board governance rules and Academic Freedom.

Successfully represented a school board against an allegation of failure to accommodate where the Board ultimately terminated a teacher where she claimed to be totally disabled and previous efforts at accommodation proved unsuccessful.

Successfully represented school board in a labour arbitration involving the interpretation of allowances payable under the collective agreement.

Counsel for University on appeal to Court of Appeal dismissing action brought by Faculty Association.

Successfully argued that previously declared vexatious litigant had no grounds to bring an action against a college and other proposed defendants as such an action would be an abuse of process and an attempt to relitigate closed matters, and there were no reasonable grounds for the action.

Represented clients in the education sector at interest arbitration with ETFO and OSSTF.

Successfully represented a college before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario with respect to its recruitment practices.

Successfully defended a school board in a human rights application brought by a former student.