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Counsel to universities in their internal investigation work.

Advisor to the Council of Ontario Universities on mandatory vaccination and pandemic regulatory compliance.

Counsel for a university at arbitration regarding workload issues arising from the pandemic.

Counsel for a university at successful arbitration regarding collective agreement interpretation and term appointments.

Counsel for a university at arbitration regarding the recognition clause of a collective agreement and the meaning of the word “teach.”

Counsel for a school board client in successfully resisting expansion of bargaining unit to include deliberately excluded positions.

Co-counsel for a university client at an interest arbitration involving issues of equity.

Counsel for university clients on various labour matters regarding human rights, collective agreement interpretation, disciplinary and pandemic-related matters.

Currently representing several school board clients in responding to both employment and service-based HRTO applications.

Successfully represented a university defending discipline of a faculty member for discriminatory conduct against allegations of a breach of academic freedom rights.