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Successfully represented a city with respect to a motion to compel the mayor to appear as the representative for examination for discovery.

Successfully upheld the decision of a large public sector employer to dismiss a long-term employee for sexual harassment in the workplace.

Successfully resisted request for substantial production order at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario on behalf of a municipal client.

Ongoing representation of municipalities (all sizes) in their inside/outside, fire and EMS collective bargaining and interest arbitrations.

Successfully defended a municipal client’s by-law services department in a human rights claim where the applicant claimed racial discrimination in relation to ongoing by-law concerns on his property.

Successfully defended a municipality’s decision to award a job vacancy to a disabled employee rather than a more senior bargaining unit employee based on Human Rights Code obligations.

Successfully argued to uphold the key components of a city’s Attendance Management Support Program as it related to paramedics.

Obtained the first comprehensive interest arbitration involving expert testimony to litigate the issue of 24 hour shifts in the fire sector in Ontario.

Ongoing representation of hospitals and municipalities across Ontario in their rights and interest arbitrations in the healthcare sector.

Ongoing representation of municipalities (all sizes) across Ontario in their fire and EMS negotiations and interest arbitrations.