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Successfully overturned loss of earnings benefits following the termination of a worker for misrepresentations on his employment application.

Successfully resisted appeals seeking entitlement for CPD and psychotraumatic disability in a medically complex case.

Successfully defended preliminary motion to exclude evidence in a termination case for a telecommunications industry employer.

Successfully argued for the dismissal of a job posting grievance involving a reliance ability clause for a hospital client.

Chief Legal Counsel for the Ontario government in negotiations with the Ontario Medical Association.

Ongoing representation to private, public, and municipal sector in disability benefits/accommodation litigation.

Successfully represented municipalities in Weber Motions to strike a Statements of Claim.

Successful motion to dismiss an action bought by an employee of a technology company, seeking damages for defamation, misrepresentation of fact, abuse of authority, abuse of process, negligent investigation, loss of employment opportunities, loss of reputation, subsequent loss of income, and constructive dismissal, for improper service and for failure to disclose a reasonable cause of action.

Prevented a trade union from misusing summonses to witness in advance of a hearing.

Protected a unionized employer’s workplace harassment policy by defending against a related grievance regarding termination for workplace harassment.