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Assisted in successfully defending a private-sector client against a union grievance alleging that bargaining unit members were entitled to additional payment for certain tasks.

Assisted in successfully defending a university client against a grievance alleging that certain long-standing positions should be within a bargaining unit.

Successfully represented a school board in a labour arbitration involving the interpretation of a paid leave under the collective agreement.

Successfully represented a municipality in a fire services interest arbitration involving a complex staffing issue.

Represented a variety of social services agencies in negotiations for renewal collective agreements and successfully bargained first collective agreements for newly unionized agencies.

Counsel to a number of universities and colleges in their grievance arbitration work.

Successfully overturned loss of earnings benefits following the termination of a worker for misrepresentations on his employment application.

Successfully represented an education institution client on multiple complaints before the Ministry of Labour.

Successfully represented a construction client on a collective bargaining dispute before Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Successfully resolved litigation before the Ontario Labour Relations Board on behalf of a social services client.