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Successful in having 24 summonses issued against clients of an insurer broker quashed as an abuse of process.

Represent clients as lead counsel in various aspects of litigation including, drafting pleadings, examinations for discovery, mediation, motions, pre-trial, and arbitration.

Successfully argued that previously declared vexatious litigant had no grounds to bring an action against a college and other proposed defendants as such an action would be an abuse of process and an attempt to relitigate closed matters, and there were no reasonable grounds for the action.

Successfully represented a financial institution in the Federal Court of Appeal in a judicial review application relating to human rights and Canada Labour Code issues.

Successfully represented a membership association on a motion to enforce a settlement of a wrongful dismissal action.

Ongoing representation to large financial institutions in wrongful dismissal and disability litigation.

Acting as counsel to professional sports leagues in the defence of concussion class actions.

Represented a law firm in a dispute by a former associate who made a claim against the firm as a result of not being admitted to the firm’s partnership.

Represented an accounting firm in a class action for wage and overtime.

Represented an engineering firm in a multi-claim relating to an oppression remedy.