Agatha Suszek

Agatha Suszek is a labour and employment lawyer in Hicks Morley’s Toronto office. She represents and advises employers on a variety of matters related to employment law and human rights. She regularly advises her clients on a number of workplace-related issues including privacy, discrimination, accommodation and discipline. Agatha serves a variety of clients including private companies and public institutions.

Nigel McKechnie

Nigel has a keen interest in trial advocacy. He has developed an expertise in the rules of evidence and litigation strategy, and in applying the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Danika L. Winkel

Danika represents a broad range of public- and private-sector employers—both small and large—in trials, hearings, motions, applications, judicial reviews and appeals. In addition to that work, she provides proactive, day-to-day advice to help employers avoid litigation.