Katherine Ford

Katherine ensures Hicks Morley’s lawyers are kept apprised of new developments in the law and legal practice, and she works with practice groups to incorporate these into the services they provide to clients.

Workplace Investigation Training Workshop

This session focuses on investigation fundamentals. Attendees will learn the key takeaways from case law and best practices for investigating workplace incidents

Due Diligence Defences – Practical Tips for Defending Occupational Health and Safety Charges

In this three-hour session, we will guide you through various scenarios crossing all sectors and provide an opportunity to use what you have learned to develop and hone your skills. You will leave with practical tips, checklists and resources that will enable you to better assess the potential risks associated with your workplace relationships and practices, including with third-party contractors, employees and constructors.

2023 in Review – Key Legislative Updates

Last week we published “The Year in Review – 2023 Cases of Note.” This week we are back with our review of notable legislative updates from 2023 that we believe will be of interest to employers, human resources professionals and pension plan administrators. We also identify some legislation to watch for in 2024. Ontario Employment…

The Year in Review – 2023 Cases of Note

We are back with our annual review of the prior year’s notable cases that we believe will be of interest to employers and human resources professionals. We also identify some cases to watch for in 2024. Next week, we will bring you our review of notable 2023 legislative updates. Cases of Note Employment Termination of…