The Law Society of Ontario: The Employment Agreement: Key Clauses 2024

In “Five Trends to Consider,” Rebecca will examine trends such as remote work rules, non-disclosure agreements and arbitration clauses and how these factor in when drafting an employment agreement. The Law Society of Ontario’s annual program focuses on different key or novel clauses, examining the impact of recent case law and legislative changes, while providing valuable precedent language.

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA): Decoding the Codes: What’s the Impact of Bills 79 and 149?

In a session titled, “New Year, New Law: Unveiling Bill 79 and Anticipating Bill 149 – Insights for Success,” Diane Harbin will begin by decoding Bill 79 and examining recent updates to the legislation. She will discuss crucial provisions such as the inclusion of remote workers in the establishment definition, mass termination obligations and heightened fines for occupational health and safety violations.

The Ontario Bar Association: Employment Law Class Actions

As an experienced class action litigator and one of the program speakers, Elisha Jamieson-Davies will examine current issues and ongoing actions on misclassification. She will also discuss the development of class action cases regarding diversity, equity and inclusion policies and employer hiring practices.