Human Resources Professionals Association – Peel Chapter: Legal Updates 2023

Navigating uncertain times requires knowledge and understanding of current legal trends. In this half-day session, Nadine Zacks, Njeri Damali Sojourner-Campbell, Colleen Nevison and Armin Sohrevardi will discuss new legislation such as disconnecting from work and legislative changes for federally regulated employers, post-pandemic protocols such as remote work and hybrid work, and other subjects of interest including terminations, human rights and vaccine mandates.

Bill 27 Update: The Latest on Licensing and Regulatory Requirements

Ontario’s Bill 27, the Working for Workers Act, 2021, has proposed several amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000. Major changes include the prohibition of non-compete agreements, new licensing requirements for temporary help agencies and recruiters, and the adoption of a right-to-disconnect policy for employers with 25 or more employees.