Advantage CPD: COVID-19 Catch-up – What Employers Need to Know About the New Changes

A lot can change in a week. With a view to containing the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a flurry of announcements at the provincial and federal levels, including a Declared Emergency by the Ontario Government. From the mandatory closure of certain facilities, to the waiving of the waiting period for Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits for quarantined employees, closure of borders to non-essential travel, extension of the EI work-sharing program, and prohibited gatherings of over 50 people, new measures are being announced at a rapid pace.

Advantage CPD: At Your Service – Addressing Service-Based Human Rights Complaints in the Social Services Sector

Given social services agencies’ mandates, employees are constantly interacting with the public and others members of the community in delivering services, support and programs. With service-based human rights tribunal applications becoming more and more common, it is increasingly necessary that organizations in this sector be able to quickly respond to such complaints should they occur – and ideally prevent claims from arising in the first place.

Advantage CPD: As the World Turns – Legislative/Case Law Updates in Labour and Employment Law

In a fast paced review, we will examine federal and Ontario legislative changes followed by a review of new risks and liabilities arising out of some recent noteworthy decisions rendered by tribunals, arbitrators and the courts. Before turning to your questions, we will close with a “To Do” list summarizing the learnings.

Advantage CPD Colleges Webinar: Student Complaints of Faculty Misconduct

Student complaints of faculty misconduct are a rare event at many colleges. However, the means by which these complaints are investigated, managed and dealt with when they do arise are drawing increased scrutiny from the institution, the public and decision-makers. Join us for a webinar on the latest legal developments and best practices for addressing complaints in the college sector.

Advantage CPD: Dealing with Workplace Violence in Healthcare

Workplace violence is a growing concern in the healthcare sector, and organizations need to ensure that they act quickly and proactively to address violent incidents and protect workers from harm. In order to do so, it is important to remain on top of legislative requirements and best practices, so as to ensure compliance with your legal obligations, maintain control of the situation and minimize potential harms. In this webinar, you will be updated on the latest case law, legal requirements and best practices to equip you with the information you need to deal with incidents of workplace violence.