COVID-19: Pandemic Resource Partner

COVID-19: Pandemic Resource Partner

Date: September 25, 2020

Hicks Morley has the expertise to guide employers through the labour and employment issues involved with return to work and a work from home approach.

There will be a “new normal” as employers turn their minds to reopening or ramping up their operations as provinces ease the restrictions placed on them as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unique challenges will now be faced by employers on all fronts: health and safety, human rights and accommodation, privacy and data security, workplace safety and insurance, pension and benefits and more. Hicks Morley can help.


Hicks Morley has the expertise to assist employers in their return to work efforts. For example, we can:

  • identify your health and safety obligations, both in terms of ensuring a safe physical workspace and ensuring the health and safety of your employees
  • assist you with obligations relating to statutory leaves
  • review your work from home policies
  • advise on benefits issues relating to re-enrolments requirements, waiting periods and insurance and disability coverage
  • guide you through the privacy implications of a positive diagnosis in the workplace and navigate the collection of medical information
  • work with you on various human rights and accommodation issues that may arise
  • and more.


We are continuously monitoring developments as they occur and are sending communications to our clients with the latest information and its impact on the workplace. Stay up-to-date through your preferred delivery method:

On November 3, 2020, the Ontario government released its COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open (Framework) which the government states “will serve as an early warning system allowing [it] to scale up and scale back public health restrictions on a regional or community basis in response to surges and waves of COVID-19.” The Framework will apply to businesses and organizations that operate within the applicable Public Health Units, and it also contains sector-specific health and safety measures.

Public Health Units will be assigned to one of five levels under the Framework based on epidemiology statistics, health system capacities and public health system capacities in those areas. These local indicators will be generally assessed on the information from the prior two weeks.

The levels are colour-coded and range from standard measures to maximum measures for controlling the pandemic:

  • Green-Prevent (Standard Measures)
  • Yellow-Protect (Strengthened Measures)
  • Orange-Restrict (Intermediate Measures)
  • Red-Control (Stringent Measures)
  • Gray-Lockdown (Maximum Measures)

The Hicks Morley Advantage

Hicks Morley has been advising employers for almost 50 years. We understand your business and we have the expertise and the depth to assist you in navigating the unique issues relating to COVID-19 and return to work.

As recognized leaders in the areas of employment and labour law, Hicks Morley is well-positioned to assist you in understanding your compliance obligations, developing return to work plans and managing the health and safety of your workforce.