WSIB Claims Management: Effective Approaches For Better Outcomes

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, we will introduce tools for effective and proactive WSIB claims management. Attendees will participate in hypothetical WSIB claim scenarios to apply the tools and strategies they have learned. Attendees will also receive helpful templates that they can adapt for their workplace return-to-work programs, as well as other written tools to assist with effectively managing their claims. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion to give attendees the opportunity to ask questions of our experienced WSIB practitioners.

Advantage CPD: Ensuring Your Mediation is a Success

Mediation is becoming an ever-present fixture in all forms of employment advocacy, whether it be in civil litigation or in matters before boards and tribunals. It is a critical stage in the litigation process. As such, it is important to take a holistic approach to the mediation process, one that does not focus on just the mediation itself. In this Advantage CPD webinar, we will discuss many issues surrounding mediations.

Workplace Investigation Training Workshop

This session focuses on investigation fundamentals. Attendees will learn the key takeaways from case law and best practices for investigating workplace incidents. The morning portion of the session will include instructional components, video demonstrations and a discussion regarding strategies to deal with issues that can arise when conducting investigations. In the afternoon we will go over a brief overview of workplace investigation best practices and summarize what we have learned.

Due Diligence Defences – Practical Tips for Defending Occupational Health and Safety Charges

In this three-hour session, we will guide you through various scenarios crossing all sectors and provide an opportunity to use what you have learned to develop and hone your skills. You will leave with practical tips, checklists and resources that will enable you to better assess the potential risks associated with your workplace relationships and practices, including with third-party contractors, employees and constructors.