Advantage CPD: Accommodation and WSIB Issues in the Construction Industry

Due to the existence of hiring halls and the general less permanent nature of the employment relationship in the construction industry, many accommodation and re-employment obligations get overlooked. This session will address some of those obligations so you can learn how to avoid costly errors in respect to your own company.

Systemic Discrimination: Prevention and Response

Systemic discrimination can manifest in any organization through seemingly disparate events arising from invisible yet ubiquitous biases. There are an increasing number of instances where employers and service providers are found to have engaged in a discriminatory practice against a broad collection of individuals on the basis of a protected ground.

Ensuring Respect in the Workplace

The occurrence of inappropriate conduct in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on the workplace as a whole and can lead to serious implications for organizations and their HR professionals.

Workplace Monitoring Workshop: Privacy Impacts and Benefits of Using Electronic Technology

In this workshop, we will discuss the various technologies employers can utilize within the workplace (including GPS, computer monitoring, video surveillance, biometrics, etc.) and what legal implications come from the use of such technologies. We will review privacy and other compliance requirements to consider, and we will discuss how technology can benefit your investigation.

Advantage CPD: Life Cycle of an Incentive Plan

Incentive plans have been the subject of recent scrutiny by the courts, at times resulting in unfavourable decisions for employers and high payouts to employees. The specific wording of an incentive plan and how the plan was rolled out to employees play key roles in these decisions. From drafting, to rollout, to defending claims in litigation, understanding the life cycle of an incentive plan is critical to achieving your intended outcome.