When it comes to obtaining injunctive relief—to preserve assets pending trial, seize evidence or restrain picketing—time is of the essence. Any delay in bringing (or responding to) an injunction can adversely affect a party’s rights. Injunctions are fast-paced litigation requiring expertise, skilled advocacy and a nimble team of experienced lawyers.

Hicks Morley’s litigators have unparalleled experience with a wide range of injunctions and emergency relief. Depending on the circumstances, we have sought interim, interlocutory and permanent injunctions on behalf of our clients. We are known—and trusted—by clients to protect their business. Our team learns each client’s business and provides critical strategic advice to be prepared and present the case effectively before the court.


Hicks Morley’s litigators have represented clients in virtually all industries including mining, energy, manufacturing, newspapers and major retailers.


Our injunction work includes:

  • Mareva injunctions to prevent a party from disposing of assets prior to trial
  • Norwich orders to compel a third party to preserve and provide evidence in its possession
  • labour injunctions (including restraining picketing)
  • contempt proceedings
  • Anton Pillar orders to search premises and seize evidence without prior warning and to prevent destruction of relevant evidence.

The Hicks Morley Advantage

We have a proven track record. We know our craft and we know our clients. We work smart and we get results. We have the advantage of size—we can scale up to meet our clients’ needs so we can move expeditiously. That’s what sets Hicks Morley apart.