Employment Expenses: Updated Process and T2200 Form

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has published revised guidance on the process for claiming home office expenses for the 2023 taxation year just in time for tax season. The CRA has confirmed that the two temporary methods for claiming deductions for home office expenses—form T2200S, “Declaration of Conditions of Employment for Working at Home Due…

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA): Decoding the Codes: What’s the Impact of Bills 79 and 149?

In a session titled, “New Year, New Law: Unveiling Bill 79 and Anticipating Bill 149 – Insights for Success,” Diane Harbin will begin by decoding Bill 79 and examining recent updates to the legislation. She will discuss crucial provisions such as the inclusion of remote workers in the establishment definition, mass termination obligations and heightened fines for occupational health and safety violations.

Federal Court Approves $817 Million Settlement in Disability Class Action

Class action proceedings often end in negotiated settlements. Those settlements (which must be approved by a court) can be significant in monetary terms. In Manuge v. Canada, the Federal Court recently approved the settlement of a class action arising from the alleged miscalculation and underpayment of disability pension benefits for members and veterans of the…

Workplace Investigation Training Workshop

This session focuses on investigation fundamentals. Attendees will learn the key takeaways from case law and best practices for investigating workplace incidents

Due Diligence Defences – Practical Tips for Defending Occupational Health and Safety Charges

In this three-hour session, we will guide you through various scenarios crossing all sectors and provide an opportunity to use what you have learned to develop and hone your skills. You will leave with practical tips, checklists and resources that will enable you to better assess the potential risks associated with your workplace relationships and practices, including with third-party contractors, employees and constructors.

Duty to Accommodate Training: In-person Workshop

Register Fee: $499.00 plus $64.87 (13% HST) Total $564.87 per person Overview There’s no such thing as a “textbook” for accommodation. Your employee may have a challenging physical or mental disability that impacts their ability to do the job. Each scenario is unique and types of disabilities vary. Knowing how to manage the accommodation process…

IPC Power to Determine Administrative Monetary Penalties Takes Effect

On January 1, 2024, changes to the General Regulation made under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) took effect (see O. Reg. 343/23). The changes stipulate how the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) determines the amount of administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) issued as part of its enforcement powers for violations of PHIPA….

Looking Ahead to 2024: A Newsletter for Social Services Employers

Dear Friends, As we welcome 2024, we are back with another edition of Reaching Out. Over the last year, we have seen our social services clients continue to deal with budget challenges and labour shortages. Many are providing permanent and/or hybrid remote work arrangements, where possible, to attract and retain employees. Accordingly, we provide a…

2023 in Review – Key Legislative Updates

Last week we published “The Year in Review – 2023 Cases of Note.” This week we are back with our review of notable legislative updates from 2023 that we believe will be of interest to employers, human resources professionals and pension plan administrators. We also identify some legislation to watch for in 2024. Ontario Employment…