Shauna Bartlett

Shauna Bartlett provides advice and representation to employers and management in both the public and private sectors on a wide range of labour, employment and human rights issues arising from the workplace. This includes wrongful dismissal actions, collective bargaining, labour disputes, grievance arbitrations, occupational health and safety, human rights and accommodation and employment standards.

Further Details Released on Ontario’s Requirement for Proof of Vaccination in Select Settings

On September 1, 2021, the Ontario government announced that in order to access certain public settings, patrons would be required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. On September 14, 2021, it filed a regulation to give effect to these requirements. The new proof of vaccination requirements will begin to apply on September 22,…

Ontario Requires Proof of Vaccination in Certain Settings, and More

On September 1, 2021, the Ontario government announced that it will require individuals to provide proof of vaccination in order to access designated public settings, beginning on September 22, 2021. Regulatory amendments have also been filed regarding the paid Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL) and the indoor instructional space at post-secondary institutions requirements in the…

Employers Now Required to Follow Advice of Chief Medical Officer of Health on Vaccination Policies

On August 24, 2021, the Ontario government filed a regulation (O. Reg. 577/21) amending the Rules for Areas at Step 3 and at the Roadmap Exit Step with respect to the establishment and implementation of vaccination policies by businesses or organizations. Specifically, O. Reg. 577/21 requires businesses or organizations to operate in compliance with “any…

Ontario to Implement Mandatory Vaccination Policies for Hospitals, Schools, Post-Secondary Institutions, and More

On August 17, 2021, the Ontario government announced that it is making COVID-19 vaccination policies mandatory for certain high-risk settings, which include hospitals, schools and post-secondary institutions, among others. The government also announced: it is pausing the exit from Step 3 into the Roadmap Exit Step, in light of concerns regarding the transmission of COVID-19…

Workplace Investigation Training Workshop

The session will include instructional components, video demonstrations and discussion regarding strategies to deal with issues that can arise when conducting investigations. Attendees at this session will receive a detailed digital manual entitled, “Hicks Morley’s Guide to Conducting Investigations into Workplace Complaints.”

Family Status Accommodation Requests

Requests for family status accommodation have become increasingly common in recent years, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, these types of requests are only expected to increase. Whether an employee requests accommodation due to the need to supervise their child during the day, provide increased support for an elderly parent, or care for a family member who has contracted the virus, it is critical that the employer respond in a manner consistent with the current state of the law on family status accommodation. Join us for a webinar that addresses the legal obligations and best practices to keep in mind when engaging in the accommodation process, both during the pandemic and beyond.

Introduction to the Duty to Accommodate Training Workshop

There’s no such thing as a “textbook” for accommodation. Your employee may have a challenging physical or mental disability that impacts their ability to do the job. Each scenario is unique and types of disabilities vary. How you respond to an individual’s request can mean significant liability for your organization.