Successfully represented a university defending discipline of a faculty member for discriminatory conduct against allegations of a breach of academic freedom rights.

Counsel to the Respondent in the leading family status accommodation case in Ontario.

On behalf of universities, successfully defended various Human Rights Tribunal applications from students, staff and senior faculty claiming discrimination on various grounds of discrimination including race, gender, creed and psychological disability.

Successfully defended a school board against a human rights application alleging discrimination in the provision of special education to students.

On behalf of universities, successfully defended wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal claims by senior administration alleging harassment and systemic discrimination.

Successfully defended an appeal of a summary judgement motion for unpaid invoices for a temporary staffing company.

Successfully brought a summary judgement motion in a claim for unpaid invoices and secured substantial indemnity costs for the same.

Advisor to school boards, colleges and universities on the accommodation of students with disabilities, harassment and safe schools.

Conduct client training programs on workplace investigations, accommodation and student misconduct.

Successfully defended a hospital against a human rights application brought by a current employee alleging discrimination on the basis of race.

Defended a human rights application asserting systemic racial discrimination on the part of the school board.

Obtained a preliminary dismissal of a grievance on the grounds that the grievor’s alleged religious observances did not attract the protections of the Human Rights Code.

Successfully appealed a decision which found that a travel company attorned to the jurisdiction of Ontario by taking procedural steps within a jurisdictional motion.

Upheld a lower court decision dismissing a long-term-disability benefits action against an insurer on appeal.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases