Advisor to a number of Boards in obtaining government approval of executive compensation program.

Key advisor to several industry associations regarding the Changing Workplaces Review and Bill 148.

First contract bargaining Chief Negotiator for major University Ave. hospital.

Successfully represented a hospital in a grievance involving the employer’s decision to eliminate a full time position vacated by a retiring employee and to covert the position to two part-time positions.

Represented an advertising company in defending a freedom of expression claim pursuant to the Charter.  Claim stayed on jurisdictional and forum non conveniens grounds.

Represented a program delivery company in an unjust dismissal complaint.  Successfully asserted preliminary objection to adjudicator’s jurisdiction based on the complainant’s status as an independent contractor.

Represented a plan administrator before the Court of Appeal for Ontario in a claim for a survivor pension which considered the test for qualifying as a common-law spouse and the administrator’s discharge provision under the PBA.

On behalf of a financial institution, defeated a judicial review application of a Canadian Human Rights Commission decision in Federal Court

Successfully defended a retail client in a human rights complaint brought by a customer who claimed he was denied service for discriminatory reasons

Represented a large natural gas company in regulatory hearings on repeat basis.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases