Counsel to university on Academic Freedom versus board governance arbitration.

Counsel on complex pension governance arbitration.

Successfully represented a large pension plan administrator in a human rights application brought by a plan member alleging discrimination with respect to goods, services and facilities because of sex.

Counsel to U.S. Steel Canada Inc. (Stelco) on its motion for approval of key employee retention plan and opposing the termination of the suspension of OPEBs.

Represented a large broader public sector employer in the first negotiation of a Jointly Sponsored Pension Plan (JSPP) conversion under Ontario’s new transfer rules (2016 and ongoing).

Lead pension counsel representing U.S. Steel Canada Inc. (Stelco) on its ongoing restructuring under the CCAA (filed on September 16, 2014).

Successfully defended an employer at a wrongful dismissal trial, resulting in the court dismissing the employee’s action.

Successfully defending a university before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in an application asserting that a university discriminated based on age and place of origin in a job competition for a tenure track position.

Representing a school board in a grievance claiming notice and severance on behalf of general interest instructors, successfully arguing that payments should be pro-rated based on intermittent service.

Successfully representing a private sector client in an grievance regarding the termination of an employee for threats of violence.