Successful motion to dismiss an action bought by an employee of a technology company, seeking damages for defamation, misrepresentation of fact, abuse of authority, abuse of process, negligent investigation, loss of employment opportunities, loss of reputation, subsequent loss of income, and constructive dismissal, for improper service and for failure to disclose a reasonable cause of action.

Successful in having a proposed class proceeding dismissed on jurisdiction and limitations grounds in the Ontario Court of Appeal, on behalf of several corporate and individual clients.

Advised Universities regarding strategic options after adverse findings by Labour Board regarding conduct in bargaining with faculty.

Engaged in Coroner’s Inquest into triple fatality in boating accident and response by Emergency Services.

Successfully defended decision of Emergency Medical Service to not have pregnant paramedic ride third in an ambulance as part of duty to accommodate.

Successfully resisted certification application in waste disposal industry.

Upheld the use of video surveillance in plywood mill.

Prevented a trade union from misusing summonses to witness in advance of a hearing.

Protected a unionized employer’s workplace harassment policy by defending against a related grievance regarding termination for workplace harassment.

Successfully defended a motion for costs in a civil action before the Superior Court of Justice.