Successfully defended a school board against allegations of failing to accommodate the special education needs of a student.

Successfully secured an early dismissal of a human rights complaint against a school board for abuse of process.

Successfully defended a school board against claims of disability discrimination and a failure to accommodate from a former Vice Principal.

Successfully defended two large municipalities before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and Divisional Court in human rights litigation over mandatory retirement for firefighters at age 60.

Successfully defended a broader public sector employer in dismissal of a pay equity complaint alleging unreasonable evaluation results and failure to use the appropriate male comparator in a jointly negotiated pay equity maintenance plan with the bargaining agent.

Successfully defended a municipality in having a pay equity complaint regarding maintenance obligations dismissed.

Successfully defended a hospital in having a pay equity complaint about job evaluation results dismissed for failing to allege a prima facie case.

Successfully represented a manufacturing-sector client in summary dismissal of a claim before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Successfully represented a small business employer in a complaint before the Ministry of Labour regarding a termination on a without cause basis.

Assisted in successfully defending a school board client against union grievances alleging that the employer had breached its duty to accommodate an employee’s physical disability.