Successful in having a proposed class/representative proceeding by 700 former employees dismissed on jurisdiction and limitations grounds in the Ontario Court of Appeal, on behalf of both corporate and individual clients.

Represented a law firm in a dispute by a former associate who made a claim against the firm as a result of not being admitted to the firm’s partnership.

Represented an accounting firm in a class action for wage and overtime.

Represented an engineering firm in a multi-claim relating to an oppression remedy.

Represented a professional firm through an extensive restructuring resulting in a mass termination.

Successfully represented an accounting firm in a human rights complaint based on a disability.

Represented a large religious institution and successfully obtained court approval for the settlement of a class action relating to claims of discrimination by members of that religious institution despite the small size of the class.

Successfully acted for a number of defendants in an employee class action certification motion relating to a call centre closure in narrowing the legal claims and the composition of the class sought by the plaintiffs and was involved in successfully obtaining a court approval for the settlement of the class action.

Successfully brought a motion for summary judgment to dismiss claims by a former CEO relating to the termination of his employment. Successfully argued that the common employer doctrine also applies in favour of an employer in enforcing a release. Successfully defended decision at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases