Negotiated CAAT transfer agreement and advised employer on all legislative compliance aspects of merger with CAAT Pension Plan.

Provide strategic advice to employers on merger with the CAAT Pension Plan.

Led project merging three complex multi-jurisdictional defined benefit/defined contribution pension plans with multiple predecessor benefit provisions into one under Ontario’s asset transfer rules.

Represented a large plan administrator in a court claim by a former employee for alleged missing pension credit involving a plan interpretation issue.

Advised organization on merger of its plan with the Public Service Pension Plan.

Advised employer organizations on the negotiation and implementation of province-wide employee life and health trusts.

Represented a plan administrator before the Court of Appeal for Ontario in a claim for a survivor pension which considered the test for qualifying as a common-law spouse and the administrator’s discharge provision under the Pension Benefits Act.

Advised on the pension and benefits aspects of the acquisition of a Canadian directories business by a global asset management firm.

Pension counsel to one of Canada’s leading steel producers in its Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act restructuring.

Participated with Ontario Bar Association in consultations by the Ontario government on new family law pension division scheme.

Acted for an employer in a class action and related negotiation used to obtain court approval of a surplus sharing agreement in the face of difficult trust language.

Appeared before Financial Services Tribunal of Ontario on a dispute over an employer entitlement to pension surplus.

Represented an employer in negotiations to transform a single-employer pension plan into a jointly sponsored pension plan, requiring agreement with the union on joint governance, solvency funding relief, employer contribution limits and benefit modifications.

Represented a media company plan administrator before the Ontario Superior Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario in a precedent-setting case establishing the standard for separation agreement language needed to create a pension plan assignment following a member’s marriage breakdown.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases