Successfully represented a municipality at a fire fighter interest arbitration whereby the arbitrator awarded the creation of a composite fire department (the municipality had formerly been unable to introduce volunteer fire fighters).

Successfully argued to uphold the key components of a city’s Attendance Management Support Program as it related to paramedics.

Successfully argued against the reinstatement of a unionized employee despite a finding that cause did not exist for the termination of his employment on multiple cases.

Obtained the first comprehensive interest arbitration involving expert testimony to litigate the issue of 24 hour shifts in the fire sector in Ontario.

Successfully argued to uphold the termination of an employee pursuant to a last chance agreement.  Arbitrator dismissed the union’s claim that the last chance agreement violated the Human Rights Code of Ontario.  Successful in having subsequent complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario dismissed on the basis that the arbitration had dealt with the substance of the complaint.

Ongoing representation of hospitals and municipalities across Ontario in their rights and interest arbitrations in the healthcare sector.

Ongoing representation of municipalities (all sizes) across Ontario in their fire and EMS negotiations and interest arbitrations.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases