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Arbitrator Determines That Pregnant Firefighters Can Be Accommodated Outside of 24 Hour Shifts

A recent arbitral decision from Arbitrator Jasbir Parmar has provided some much needed clarification on municipalities’ obligations when accommodating pregnant firefighters on 24 hour shifts. In The Town of Ajax v Ajax Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, Local 1092, Arbitrator Parmar dismissed the Association’s grievance, re-affirming that municipal employers do not have an obligation to accommodate an employee in a position in which they cannot complete the “essential duties” of the job.

Further Amendments to the Canada Labour Code Now In Force

On July 29, 2019, a number of amendments to the Canada Labour Code enacted by Bill C-44, the Budget Implementation Act, 2017, No. 1, came into force. The amendments relate to changes to the powers of the Canada Industrial Relations Board, complaints relating to reprisals and the elimination of the role of appeals officers. Learn more in this Federal Post.


In the digital age, privacy litigation is one of the most dynamic areas of law. The law is evolving quickly, drawing on concepts developed before privacy regulators and in criminal cases. Matters are often litigated in a technical context, requiring an understanding of information systems and complex new and emerging technologies. Moreover, the “open courts” principle can conflict with the need to keep information secret and complicate litigation.

Pension, Benefits & Executive Compensation

It’s not just about the money. Increasingly, executive compensation packages feature complex designs that incorporate pension benefits along with ever more creative bonus plans, and stock and equity options. Defending organizations against employee claims for entitlement to these benefits requires a multi-disciplinary approach to litigation that incorporates pension law, employment law and tax law expertise – and Hicks Morley delivers.