New Guidelines on Employment Equity Reporting

The federal government has published two new employment equity interpretation, policies and guidelines (IPGs) for employers subject to the Legislated Employment Equity Program (LEEP) under the Employment Equity Act. IPG 106 “Definitions and interpretations for reporting salary” provides that salary, bonus pay and overtime pay must be included as salary for employment equity reporting purposes….

Federal Ministry of Labour Launches Task Force to Review Employment Equity Act

On July 14, 2021, the federal Minister of Labour announced that it has launched a Task Force with the purpose of “making concrete, independent and evidence-based recommendations to the Minister of Labour on how to modernize” the Employment Equity Act (Act). The Task Force is looking into issues surrounding employment equity and inclusion in federally…

New Pay Transparency Measures in Certain Federal Workplaces to Come into Force on January 1, 2021

New pay transparency requirements under the federal Employment Equity Act (Act) have been proclaimed into force effective January 1, 2021, together with supporting amendments made to the Employment Equity Regulations (Amended Regulations). These changes will affect all federally regulated private sector employers who employ 100 or more employees. The Legislative Changes to the Act Federally…

September Update on Changes to the Canada Labour Code

We have reported on the changes to the Canada Labour Code (Code) which came into effect on July 29, 2019 and on September 1, 2019. The federal government has published new Interpretations, Policies and Guidelines (IPGs) in support of some of these changes, as well as a summary of various amendments which have not yet been proclaimed into force and their anticipated in force dates. Proposed regulations for the incoming Part IV, Administrative Monetary Penalties, of the Code have also been recently published for comment.

Federal Government Publishes Draft Regulations Relating to Pay Transparency

On August 10, 2019, the federal government released proposed amendments to the Employment Equity Regulations made under the federal Employment Equity Act (Act). The amendments are in support of an amendment to the Act made by Bill C-97, the Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1 to include new pay transparency requirements. Once proclaimed into force,…

Federal Government Tables 2019 Budget Bill

On April 8, 2019, the federal government introduced Bill C-97, Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1, for first reading. Bill C-97 is omnibus legislation enacting certain measures outlined in the 2019 Federal Budget. Below are some of the key amendments of interest to employers, pension plan administrators and human resources professionals.