Advantage CPD: Access Requests Under FIPPA – A Practical Guide For Colleges

FOI Coordinators responding to access requests need to balance a wide range of issues from clarifying requests and arranging reasonable searches to preparing fee estimates all within tight time frames. This program addresses a number of the strategic and practical considerations which go into responding to requesters under FIPPA.

Advantage CPD: Accommodation and WSIB Issues in the Construction Industry

Due to the existence of hiring halls and the general less permanent nature of the employment relationship in the construction industry, many accommodation and re-employment obligations get overlooked. This session will address some of those obligations so you can learn how to avoid costly errors in respect to your own company.

Advantage CPD: Life Cycle of an Incentive Plan

Incentive plans have been the subject of recent scrutiny by the courts, at times resulting in unfavourable decisions for employers and high payouts to employees. The specific wording of an incentive plan and how the plan was rolled out to employees play key roles in these decisions. From drafting, to rollout, to defending claims in litigation, understanding the life cycle of an incentive plan is critical to achieving your intended outcome.

Advantage CPD: Navigating Bill C-27 – Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices for Canada’s Modernized Privacy Laws

This webinar will focus on the potential changes to Canada’s privacy legislation through the introduction of Bill C-27, Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2022. If passed, this Bill will create significant changes to the current Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and would enact new legislation regarding privacy and artificial intelligence. We will discuss the key impacts should Bill C-27 get passed, along with what this means for Canada’s privacy legislation going forward.

Advantage CPD: Practical Guide to Current WSIB Challenges and Opportunities

Join key members of our WSIB practice group to gain new tools and takeaways for your WSIB toolbelt. We will explore key recent caselaw and use practical scenarios to provide you with practical insights to apply to your challenging cases. This session will include tips for the seasoned WSIB coordinator tackling increasing claim costs as well as strategic insight for the general practitioner seeking to understand the implications of WSIB claims on employment matters.