Speaking Engagement

Counselwell’s National Employment Law Forum: Free to Contract: Independent Contractors and the Business Risks of Misclassifying Workers

Event Details

March 1, 2023
12:15 p.m.

Online Event

Featuring: Elisha Jamieson-Davies


Counselwell’s National Employment Law Forum is a two half-day virtual event (February 22 and March 1, 2023) for legal counsel and human resources professionals covering critical employment issues for employers across Canada.

In her session, Elisha Jamieson-Davies will review the key factors which help determine whether someone is an independent contractor, a dependent contractor or an employee. She will discuss how the classification of a worker impacts the employer/employee relationship including at the hiring stage, the firing stage and everything in between. She will then conclude with a consideration of the business risks which can arise if you misclassify a worker.

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