Successful overturned initial entitlement in a strain and hernia case based on an expert medical opinion that the worker’s injury was actually a complication of recent surgery.

Successfully overturned loss of earnings benefits following the termination of a worker for misrepresentations on his employment application.

Obtained 90% SIEF relief in a PTSD claim based on prior psychological disability and extended recovery time.

Successfully resisted appeals seeking entitlement for CPD and psychotraumatic disability in a medically complex case.

Successfully defended preliminary motion to exclude evidence in a termination case for a telecommunications industry employer.

Represented a retail employer to successfully oppose broadening of a human rights application to seek a form of accommodation not required by the Human Rights Code.

Successfully represented an employer in the telecommunications industry in a judicial review application challenging a labour board decision on constitutional grounds.

Acted for a number of defendants in an employee class action relating to a call centre closure, successfully narrowing the legal claims and the composition of the class sought by the plaintiffs.

Successfully defended a government agency in a workers’ compensation appeal in which psychotraumatic disability entitlement and further loss of earnings were denied.

Successfully defended a media corporation in a judicial review application regarding enforceability of confidentiality settlement language.

Successfully represented a national newspaper at arbitration and before the Ontario Divisional Court, which upheld the obligation of a former employee to repay settlement funds for breach of confidentiality provisions in a settlement agreement.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases