Represented multiple directors in complex litigation which involved multiple motions from both parties and included claims of defamation, tort of intentional interference with contractual relations, reprisal and wrongful dismissal.

Represented directors and officers in a proposed misclassification class proceeding.

Successfully represented a public health unit on the judicial review (and later motion for leave to appeal) of a Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario’s decision to dismiss an application regarding discrimination on the basis of several protected grounds including race.

Successfully defended a financial institution in an overtime class action brought by investment advisors.

Successfully represented a personal health services company in a proposed class action relating to vacation and public holiday pay.

Successfully represented a health unit in a judicial review of a decision by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario relating to the applicant’s practicum.

Successfully represented an entertainment facility on the appeal of the employee’s application to the court for a declaration that the facility had surrendered its common law right to terminate without notice through its policies and procedures.

Successfully moved for summary judgment on a financial institution’s counter-claim regarding repayment of an outstanding loan in a wrongful dismissal action.

Successful in having 24 summonses issued against clients of an insurer broker quashed as an abuse of process.

Successfully represented a financial institution on the judicial review (and later appeal) of a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s decision to dismiss a complaint regarding discrimination on the basis of disability.

Successfully represented a transit company in a judicial review regarding the repayment of collector funds.

Successfully defended a financial institution in an unjust dismissal claim brought by a former financial services representative.

Successfully represented a school board in a termination grievance brought by a former janitorial staff member.

Represented a financial institution in a class action relating to overtime pay, including at the certification motion, the common issues trial, and the appeal.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases