Successfully argued before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Tribunal that the work offered by a school board to a worker were suitable so as to disentitle him to ongoing loss of earnings benefits.

Obtained a positive arbitration award for a hospital confirming that there is no need to fill a vacant position during the notice of elimination period.

Successfully persuaded an arbitrator to uphold the reasonableness of a University’s job evaluation results for a job class in dispute.

Successfully represented a school board against an allegation of failure to accommodate where the Board ultimately terminated a teacher where she claimed to be totally disabled and previous efforts at accommodation proved unsuccessful.

Obtained a positive decision of the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal revoking the Order of the Pay Equity Commission and confirming the private sector employer’s ability to implement its revised pay equity analysis.

Successfully obtained an arbitration award for a hospital confirming that the elimination of shifts/lines on part-time schedule did not constitute a layoff or elimination of a position.

Successfully brought a motion to dismiss termination and accommodation grievances due to misconduct of a nurse grievor during arbitration process.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases