Advisor to university boards in obtaining government approval of executive compensation program.

Counsel at arbitration successfully upholding video surveillance.

Counsel on multiple cease-and-desist applications and injunction proceedings.

Counsel to universities responding to allegation of systemic discriminatory pay practices.

Counsel to universities responding to sexual assault allegations.

Lead bargainer to renew faculty collective agreement during CCAA proceeding.

Advisor to the Council of Ontario Universities on mandatory vaccination and pandemic regulatory compliance.

Counsel to a university board at arbitration involving the intersection of board governance rules and academic freedom.

Counsel to university on complex pension governance arbitration.

Counsel to university boards and municipal councils on executive hiring and terminations.

Counsel for university on appeal to Court of Appeal dismissing action brought by a faculty association.

Lead counsel on a team of 25 lawyers in seeking injunctions and cease-and-desist orders for a municipality during a lengthy strike.

Strategic bargaining advisor to universities and municipalities.

Ongoing advisor to boards and councils on a variety of legal, regulatory and government relations issues including challenges with executive compensation, human rights and social media issues.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases