Advisor to the Council of Ontario Universities on mandatory vaccination and pandemic regulatory compliance.

Counsel for a university at arbitration regarding workload issues arising from the pandemic.

Counsel for a university at successful arbitration regarding collective agreement interpretation and term appointments.

Counsel for a university at arbitration regarding the recognition clause of a collective agreement and the meaning of the word “teach.”

Counsel for a hospital at arbitration in successfully upholding discharge for breach of privacy.

Counsel for a school board client in successfully resisting expansion of bargaining unit to include deliberately excluded positions.

Counsel for a hospital in a decision regarding the entitlement of nurses to pay during periods of self-isolation.

Co-counsel for a university client at an interest arbitration involving issues of equity.

Counsel for university clients on various labour matters regarding human rights, collective agreement interpretation, disciplinary and pandemic-related matters.

Successfully argued multiple summary hearings at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to dismiss applications on a preliminary basis.

Successfully argued that the Application should be dismissed on the basis that the Applicant had previously executed Minutes of Settlement relating to his termination from employment, notwithstanding that the Applicant alleged that he was suffering from a mental disability at the time of execution.

Successfully resisted request for substantial production order at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario on behalf of a municipal client.

Successfully resisted production of comparator files at arbitration on behalf of a university client.

Assisted private sector employer in upholding the termination of a unionized employee for engaging in employment while on a medical leave of absence.

Successfully argued summary hearing at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to dismiss application alleging a school board’s failure to accommodate a disabled employee.

Assisted school board clients in successful application to the Ontario Labour Relations Board in respect of an unlawful strike.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases