Represented an advertising company in defending a freedom of expression claim pursuant to the Charter.  Claim stayed on jurisdictional and forum non conveniens grounds.

Represented a program delivery company in an unjust dismissal complaint.  Successfully asserted preliminary objection to adjudicator’s jurisdiction based on the complainant’s status as an independent contractor.

Represented a technology company in successfully establishing cause for dismissal based on conflict of interest, upheld on appeal.

Represented an outsourcing company in obtaining judgment against a competitor and departing employees for breach of confidentiality, upheld on appeal.

Represented a technology company on appeal in overturning an award of punitive and aggravated damages and reducing a reasonable notice award.

Obtained an injunction on behalf of a municipality imposing limits on strike picketing at facilities hosting the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Represented an outsourcing company to obtain an Anton Piller order without notice permitting search of residence of departing employee and seizure of client confidential documents and data.

Obtained an injunction on behalf of a school board overturning athletic association decisions disqualifying an intercollegiate soccer team from competition at provincial championships.

Represented a technology company in a summary judgment motion successfully enforcing an executive employment agreement, upheld on appeal.

Successfully represented a school board in the judicial review of an arbitrator’s decision addressing retirement gratuities.

* past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases