Reviewed and advised on licensing agreements between professional sports leagues and between sponsor companies and teams on the use of player images.

Acting as counsel to professional sports leagues in the defence of concussion class actions.

Successfully represented a professional sports league in having the B.C. Superior Court dismiss a former player’s concussion claim.

Drafted a violence against women policy for a professional sports league.

Successfully represented a major bank on a multi-million dollar human rights proceeding involving the bank’s pension plan before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Lead labour counsel and chief negotiator for a number of major hotels in their collective bargaining negotiations.

Acting as chief spokesperson for a professional sports league in collective bargaining negotiations with the Players’ Association.

Labour and employment counsel to one of Canada’s leading steel producers in its CCAA restructuring.

Successfully represented a national newspaper at arbitration and before the Ontario Divisional Court, which upheld the obligation of a former employee to repay settlement funds for breach of confidentiality provisions in a settlement agreement.

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