Beyond COVID-19: 2022 Year in Review – Cases and Legislation of Note

Employers and human resource professionals will undoubtedly remember 2022 as another year shaped by the pandemic.

But…there were also legal developments in 2022 that were not related to COVID-19. In this FTR Now, we look at some of the past year’s notable “non-pandemic” cases and legislative developments.

Competition Bureau Seeks Feedback on Incoming Changes to Competition Act

The Competition Bureau Canada is inviting interested parties to provide comments on new guidelines to address wage-fixing and no-poaching agreements (Guidelines). The draft Guidelines describe the Bureau’s approach to enforcing recent amendments to the Competition Act which make wage-fixing and no-poaching agreements illegal and subject to significant criminal penalties in Canada. As we previously noted,…

Attendance Management Training Workshop 101

Employee absenteeism is one of the most challenging issues an employer faces and it can impact productivity and morale in the workplace. In addressing absenteeism issues, employers must be aware of the interplay between their legitimate expectation that employees attend work regularly and the many valid reasons for absences, including statutory leaves and an employee’s human rights.