School Boards Take Note: Recent Developments of Interest

In this Update, we discuss a recent decision of Arbitrator Nyman with respect to what constitutes a collective agreement and which re-affirms the longstanding principle that the interpretation of a collective agreement is first to be based on the plain and ordinary meaning of the written words. We also discuss a topical case with respect to a grievor’s obligation to produce arguably relevant medical documentation in the context of a grievance arbitration – notwithstanding the contractual restrictions that may exist.

Tim Liznick Contributes to Canadian HR Reporter

An article by Hicks Morley’s Tim Liznick appeared in the October 18, 2010 issue of Canadian HR Reporter. The piece, entitled “Relief Valve to Vent Frustrations“ discusses a strategic approach to the Grievance Procedure which employers may employ to improve the chances of success at arbitration while reducing the overall level of conflict to reduce…