Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC): 2019 Spring Education Symposium

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace [Video]

In this #MeToo world, it is important that employers address issues relating to sexual harassment in the workplace in a timely and proactive manner. In this video, Nadine Zacks outlines several best practices for employers, ranging from the development of robust policies to leading by example. She also discusses the importance of providing training to employees and the need to act promptly when responding to allegations of harassment.

Lauri Reesor Quoted in Canadian Lawyer InHouse on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Hicks Morley’s Lauri Reesor was quoted in the September 2018 edition of Canadian Lawyer InHouse in an article titled, “Navigating Sexual Harassment in a #MeToo World.” With the initiation of the #MeToo movement, allegations of sexual harassment are being brought forth exposing high-profile individuals at an unprecedented rate. Lauri notes that she is “seeing an increase in the number of internal complaints that are being made” involving corporations. “People are feeling empowered to come forward.” This opens an organization’s policies, procedures and investigative techniques to scrutiny.

Lauri Reesor Quoted in Benefits Canada on #MeToo in the Workplace

Benefits Canada quoted Hicks Morley’s Lauri Ressor in a May 11, 2018 article titled “A Workplace Guide for the #MeToo Era.” With the #MeToo movement in full swing in recent months mostly focused on high-profile cases of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and the political sphere, Benefits Canada discusses what employers should be doing to respond to a new reality of zero tolerance for misbehaviour.