The Latest Updates for School Boards Before the Summer

As the 2019 – 2020 school year draws to a close, it would be an understatement to say that the year did not go as expected. From the hurried transition to online learning to the ongoing adjustment to the “new normal” of synchronous learning, we know that our clients have successfully navigated unprecedented and difficult challenges – and that there will be more to come.

Management Rights, Sick Leave under HOODIP and More

In our first HR Healthcheck of 2020, we discuss two cases you need to know about. The first deals with whether a scheduled medical procedure under conscious sedation falls within the “sick leave” provisions of HOODIP. The second case considers management rights under the central CUPE collective agreement and a Hospital’s right to transfer employees.

Leaves of Absence, Procedural Matters and More

In this latest edition of our School Board Update, we are bringing you summaries of three recent cases which will be of interest. They deal with abuse of process at arbitration, entitlement of part-time and custodial employees to miscellaneous leaves, and the balancing of religious freedom with other statutory requirements…

School Board Update – April 2008

IN THIS ISSUE: Staff Meetings WSIB Case Management Prep Time Payback Program Principals Return from Maternity Leave Noon-Hour Entry Time Sick leave Credits STAFF MEETINGS The issue of mandatory attendance at staff meetings scheduled outside of the instructional day, and the topics or material discussed at such meetings, has arisen at various Boards. An October…