Advantage CPD: Dealing with Workplace Violence in Healthcare

Workplace violence is a growing concern in the healthcare sector, and organizations need to ensure that they act quickly and proactively to address violent incidents and protect workers from harm. In order to do so, it is important to remain on top of legislative requirements and best practices, so as to ensure compliance with your legal obligations, maintain control of the situation and minimize potential harms. In this webinar, you will be updated on the latest case law, legal requirements and best practices to equip you with the information you need to deal with incidents of workplace violence.

Recent Minimum Standards Cases of Note

In this Minimum Standards Monitor, we discuss two recent cases of interest to employers. In the first, an arbitrator found that an employee returning from maternity/parental leave was not entitled to the exact same work conditions which she left, even though the original job still existed. A comparable replacement position was sufficient…

Ministry of Labour to Target Health Care Workplaces for Safety Inspections

The Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) has announced a safety blitz targeting health care workplaces in the months of February and March. MOL inspectors will conduct inspections to check on issues related to workplace violence and harassment. In this FTR Now, we review some steps you can take to ensure your workplace is compliant with its…

2012 Fall Edition

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