Assurer une célébration du temps des fêtes en toute sécurité

La saison des fêtes est un temps de célébration. Pour plusieurs d’entre nous, cela peut comprendre des célébrations du temps des fêtes dans le milieu du travail. Tous les employeurs, grands ou petits, devraient s’assurer de prendre le temps de créer un plan visant à créer un environnement sain et sécuritaire pour les employés et les invités qui participeront à ces célébrations.

Ensuring a Safe Holiday Party

The holiday season is a time for celebration. For many of us, this may include workplace celebrations. All employers, big or small, should ensure that in addition to traditional party logistics, they take the time to develop a plan for providing a healthy and safe environment for employees and guests at any workplace celebrations.

Sexual Assault: When is an Employer Vicariously Liable?

In a recent decision, Ivic v. Lakovic, the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed a claim against a taxi company whose driver allegedly sexually assaulted the appellant. The Court found that the alleged acts were only coincidentally connected to the taxi company and the company did not confer any power on the driver over the appellant….

Raising the Bar – Eleventh Edition

Dear Friends, As we are heading into the busy holiday season, we wanted to give you, our loyal RTB readers, some reading material for any quiet moments that you might be able to steal before the New Year. We are delighted to bring you this newest edition of RTB. In this edition, we bring you…

Planning for a Safe Holiday Party: A Checklist for Employers

It is that time of year again when thoughts are turning to seasonal and holiday celebrations. Whether these celebrations are large or small, it is important that employers take proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees who attend office parties or other celebrations. In this FTR Now, we provide employers with…

Claim Against Employer Arising out of Social Event Allowed to Proceed

The decision of K.L. v. 1163957799 Quebec Inc. raises a caution for employers when planning social events. The employer hosted an unstructured evening social event at a water park where employees had unrestricted access to alcohol. The plaintiff brought an action against the employer and a supervisor as a result of an alleged sexual assault…

Holiday Cheer: A Checklist For Employers

The holiday season is around the corner – and with it comes festivities and celebrations. Whether these seasonal events are large or small, employee health and safety remains a key priority for employers. In this FTR Now, we provide employers with a checklist of measures to consider implementing in planning for a safe holiday celebration….